Pokenori Restaurant Comes to Spartanburg!

Pokenori Restaurant Comes to Spartanburg!

Over the past few weeks, Sign Force has been working with Pokenori Sushi Burrito and Bowl in their logo creation and on-site installation for their new restaurant located in Downtown Spartanburg, SC. As the owners proceeded with the renovation of the restaurant, they decided that they were ready to start advertising their business to the public. Sign Force was ready to help!

Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant

Located on the corner of North Church Street in Spartanburg, SC, Pokenori is modern eatery that combines Hawaiian cuisine with sushi. Their menu includes the options of “Roll It or Bowl It” which means that you have the option to perfect your own poke bowl or create a Sushi Burrito of your choice. The first of it’s kind in SC, Pokenori’s vision to bring a unique twist to food is no doubt going to capture the growing city and its members.

I. Starting Out Fresh!

Prior to getting started on the logo design process, we asked them to share their current logo for Pokenori and the ideas they had to revise it to better fit the restaurant. The variety of images and graphics they provided our designers helped us to brainstorm a full conceptual logo sketch to best fit their ideal theme. After a few consultations between the owners of Pokenori and our designer, a finalized proof was approved and the layout of the logo design was set, ready for production.

II. Pokenori Production Process

With a set completed logo, Sign Force’s production team got started on putting it together for the new restaurant. Due to our belief in 100% in-house manufacturing and assembly, the team took the process fully into their own hands to create a sign.

III. Installation

Once the sign was completely finished and ready to go, our installation team personally went to Pokenori restaurant to set it up for them.

Sign Force was successfully able to help Pokenori make their envisioned dreams of possibilities of their new restaurant come true and the outcome was impressive! Let us do the same for you!

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