Dive Into Business Advertising

Dive Into Business Advertising

Which One Reels You In More?

Without debate, the answer is obvious: the image of the trailer with the colorful design. Compared to the blank canvas of a trailer in the other image, this one is more likely to capture the attention of the public. The design is vibrant, bold, and eye-catching, the much needed trio in advertising business.

Wrap Your Head Around This!

A trailer wrap is basically  rolling billboard. As you drive from place to place, you advertise in your market area in a whole new level with almost minimum effort. Additionally, getting a wrap done is a one time cost, saving you from many unnecessary or extra expenses. In other words, it is less cost per impression than any other media with great response rates.

Dive Into Our Process

When the owners of The Scuba Shop in Spartanburg, SC decided their equipment trailer needed an original, new look, they turned to Sign Force for help. Their intention was to create a trailer wrap that would tell the public more about their business while at the same time, attract more customers. Prior to getting started on the design process, we asked The Scuba Shop to provide us with their ideas pertaining to the design. The variety of images and graphics they shared with our designers allowed both groups to be on the same page and after a few meetings and revisions, the final proof image was approved. It was time to hand over the project to the Sign Force production team.


Sign Force is all about in-house production and no shortcuts on materials. We use the very best available premium wrap vinyl and wrap laminate. In order to get the design on media, we used a solvent commercial printer instead of a water-based printer to do the job. Choosing the solvent commercial printer ensures that the wrap will last and stay on better and longer, exactly the durability a trailer wrap needs.

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